MyTraining (USAF)

This desktop application was designed in collaboration with Air Force Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), developers, and UX Designers. The goal was to create an intuitive, all-in-one system that allowed trainees to see their career path, trainers to verify training completion, and managers to create task lists for implementation in the field.

Due to the nature of the work, work samples live offline. But please reach out, as I’d love to present this work in a portfolio review!

• Created an experience to manage CRUD for 1800+ training plans
• Reimagined the USAF’s evaluation capture process
• Instituted user research practices, transforming test events from bug testing to qualitative feedback generators
• Facilitated design sessions, using workflows, wireframes and prototypes to drive iterative design for future enhancements

Key learnings:
• When a user’s mistake can threaten data integrity, friction must be added to ensure the correct changes are made
• The ideal UX solution is not always within scope – prioritize, prioritize, prioritize
• Feedback from many users outweighs that from a few
• Collaborate with developers early and often, ensuring solutions are practical before pitching to a client


Build an application that tracks training throughout an Air Force personnel's career.